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Skyports London

We're working together with Skyports on the future of urban air travel!

In Numbers

  • 5 billion packages delivered by Prime in 2017
  • 86% of deliveries weigh 2kg
  • 1,000 autonomous flights completed in Lugano, Switzerland, this year
  • EU Roadmap anticipates routine flights by 2022
  • Passenger carrying drones will be quiet; 65dB at 75m. A passing bus is 90dB
  • Current range of Passenger carrying drones is 30km
  • Vertiports – hub stops handling up to 12 vehicles at a time

About Skyport

Barr Gazetas is working with Skyports to integrate cutting edge transportation facilities within existing and new buildings in London. Skyports operates vertiports – landing pads and facilities for cargo and passenger carrying drones, and we are part of the team creating a network of sites across the UK and beyond.

Our extensive experience in working with existing buildings and our wide portfolio of clients means we are ideally placed to vet suitable locations in which to install the infrastructure required for the future of urban mobility. The roll out will start with cargo drones, which are already in operation overseas, and then progress to passenger carrying vehicles in the very near future.

The challenge is to seamlessly incorporate vertiports in to a variety of buildings, from West End historic blocks to suburban shopping centre’s, to create discreet, efficient, secure and environmentally friendly places.

Air taxis might feel like a futuristic invention, but they are well on the way. Skyports and Barr Gazetas are part of the evolution preparing London and the UK for this revolution in transport.


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