MIPIM 2023 RIBA delegation

Date: March 23
Author: Barr Gazetas

This year, we are joining the RIBA delegation at MIPIM. It's the perfect opportunity to celebrate and re-establish our position within the industry, and we'll have the chance to reconnect with friends and colleagues whilst championing low-carbon design, innovation, social responsibility, and sustainability.

As part of the delegation, we answered a couple of teasing questions about who we are, the value that we bring and what the future looks like at Barr Gazetas.

What differentiates you from other architects ?

At Barr Gazetas, we are driven by a desire to create environments that allow people to thrive. We (re)-imagine architecture and find new, thoughtful solutions with people in mind. Exploring and considering all the different opportunities a project offers allows us to focus on the journey it creates for its user, and working with clients and communities helps us unlock value and bring fresh perspectives resulting in co-created outcomes that bring a vision to life.

Why do clients come to you?

We create value for our clients and understand the complex questions that come with city schemes by listening and challenging. Our expert team of Architects, Interior Designers, BIM specialists and enablers help us achieve the best solutions. We are open and enjoy finding answers and new opportunities within an existing fabric, whilst pushing to create joyful experiences for our clients, collaborators, and end users throughout the different design stages.

What have been the highlights for you in the past years?

For the past few years, we've been working hard in the background to establish a strong and ambitious path that sets us up for success. We've rolled out an exciting succession plan, transitioned to an employee owned trust, moved studios to allow us to grow and renew, and have reinforced our position with a strong and refreshed brand.

Is there anything exciting in the horizon?

This year will be a big one for us. Our 30th year in practice comes full of milestones and projects to look forward to. We have settled into the most incredible studio in the West End, bustling with design, ideas, innovation, craft and complexity. We have also seen the first fruits of our net zero carbon journey and continue working hard on reducing our emissions, fully committing to a better and greener future.

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