250 South Oak Way250 South Oak Way


Client: Mapletree
Location: Green Park, Reading
Category: Workplace
Completed: 2018

Green Park is an exemplary business park that celebrates community and landscape. Our sensitive enhancements to a once bland commercial building at the heart of the park have created a warmth and humanity previously lacking. We refurbished and extended the reception and office spaces at 250 South Oak Way to create additional lounge and co-work areas full of light and greenery with new connections into the park.

“We chose handmade bronze shingles to contrast the steel and glass of the original building and arranged for them to be cut and pressed on site by a specialist in the craft.”

Tina Williams, Associate, Barr Gazetas

The newly extended single height entrance is clad in richly textured handcrafted bronze shingles, in contrast to the slick commercial architecture of the building. It is designed at a more comforting human scale than the three storey atrium beyond. We reconfigured this existing lobby to create defined dwell space and draw in natural light. New hard and soft landscaping knits the building into the well established landscape of the park.

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