6 Langley Street6 Langley Street

Covent Garden

Client: The Mercers Company
Location: Covent Garden, London
Category: Workplace
Completed: 2021

6 Langley Street once formed part of the historic Woodyard Brewery in Covent Garden, and our workplace refurbishment and renovation celebrates the six-storey building’s character and prominence in central Covent Garden. Our modern, efficient office fit-out respects and highlights the heritage of the building, breathing new life into an old space, and prepares for a future program of works.

“In preparation for a future program of works, we adapted our construction approach to sensitively build over the historic vaults that lead to Old Brewer’s Yard. This was complemented by new retail unit shopfronts, feature windows, and new cycle storage and commuter facilities for the whole Covent Garden city block.”

Tom Jordan, Technical Director, Barr Gazetas

Every floor required renovations and we gave each floor its own character. On the office floors we exposed characterful brick boundary walls, renovated existing timber floors, and exposed the original steel structure. Contemporary elements are designed to compliment the historic material; the reception is lit by a full-height lightbox, an industrial-style balustrade winds its way through the building, and panoramic sliding glass doors lead onto the fifth floor terrace.

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